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Ambersil Air Duster/2 Non-Flammable 400ML FG Ambersil Air Duster/2 Non-Flammable 400ML FG(Ref: HT5803018)

Powerful, Dry Inert Gas

High pressure, inert, liquified gas that safely removes dust and loose debris with a powerful airjet. Helps prevent electronic component errors and downtime

  • Powerful, Dry, Inert Gas
  • Non-flammable
  • New 1234ze HFO gas
  • Replacement to LO-GWP duster
  • Food grade
  • GWP of just 6

Price:   £13.46(Excluding: VAT at 20%)

Servisol flammable  230 Duster      200ml Servisol flammable 230 Duster 200ml(Ref: HT5861001)
A liquified gas which provides a dry, powerful blast which works at any angle, even when inverted for easy removal of dust and other loose contamination. Ideally suited for Field Engineers.
  • Invertible
  • 200ml

Material Safety Data Sheet


Price:   £4.37(Excluding: VAT at 20%)

Ultrajet high pressure duster 400ml Ultrajet high pressure duster 400ml(Ref: ES1520)

High pressure duster cleans without scratching delicate surfaces

  • 82 psig at 50°C
  • Nonflammable
  • Removes dirt, dust and dry contaminates
  • Deep cleans hard to reach areas
  • Nonabrasive, safe with most materials
  • Ultra-pure, leaves no residue
  • Contains no ozone depleting compounds
  • May be used on energised equipment

Cleans keyboards, circuit boards, surface mount devices, computers, photographic and video equipment, other components and assemblies.


Price:   £18.90(Excluding: VAT at 20%)