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Tonavac 99 toner vacuum cleaners Tonavac 99 toner vacuum cleaners(Ref: COTV)

TONAVAC 99 - The office light-weight, yet powerful for its size with a unique valve system for preventing toner spills

  • CE approved
  • 400 watt 220/240V 50 Hz motor
  • Patented valve to prevent spills
  • Complete set of cleaning tools held in carry box
  • Thermal protection device
  • Fully conductive, ESD safe accessories
  • Low-cost 1.7 litre filter bags
  • Weight 3Kg
  • Dimensions - 175 x 320 x 146 mm


Convac Toner vacuum cleaners Convac Toner vacuum cleaners(Ref: COVAC3000)
  • Non-spill valve
  • Static grounded
  • Large filter capacity
  • Quiet model available
  • Toner safe
  • EMI/RFI filtered

Powerful 800W vacuum cleaners for all toner applications. The off-set large round handle makes the unit easy to carry, and a complete set of toner proof and ESD safe tools clip into the lid, including the snorkel tube which is soft enough not to damage cleaned components.

Trying to save money by using standard filters instead of the recommended fine/HEPA filters for all colour toners? Risking cleaner damage? No worry with CONVAC. The Convac Fine Filter cartridge is not only a similar price to most standard cartridge filters, it is also LARGER than most in its class. The fine filter is of a HEPA type of material with a filtration value within the particle size of colour toners.

The paper bag version utilises the low cost 3 layer paper bags, suitable for colour toners; more economical than cartridges and with a clean and easy bag change.

All versions have hose entry valve to stop any debris shaking out.

The 'Q' versions are quieter, with a longer head and an external stud for ESD wrist strap attachment.

Two Versions available:

  • Larger capacity fine filter cartridges at standard cartridge prices
  • More economical disposable clean-change paper bags


Crevice tool for vacuum cleaners Crevice tool for vacuum cleaners(Ref: COVAC610)
!!<<font face=Verdana size=1><p>Conductive to avoid ESD damage to sensitive components. Use for all Convac models</p></font>>! 

Price:   £2.14(Excluding: VAT at 20%)

brush for crevice tool of vacuums brush for crevice tool of vacuums(Ref: COVAC650)

Key pad brush which fits onto end of the crevice tool.


Price:   £3.37(Excluding: VAT at 20%)

Filter screen for Convac vacuums Filter screen for Convac vacuums(Ref: COVAC750)
!!<<font face=Verdana size=1><p>Secondary filter to protect motor. For use in Convac 3000 range only (Paper bag and cartridge versions).</p></font>>! 

Price:   £4.10(Excluding: VAT at 20%)

Convac cartridges Convac cartridges(Ref: COVACCART)
!!<<font face=Verdana size=1><p>Convac filter cartridges for Convac 3000 C & CQ models. Supplied as singles or in twin-packs.</p></font>>! 


Convac Hoses Convac Hoses(Ref: COVACHOSE)

Conductive to avoid damage to sensitive components. Use COVAC 600 for all models except office model - Tonavac 99 (COTV99), which uses the shorter hose COVAC800/99 to fit into carrying box.



Convac flexible snorkle rubber tube Convac flexible snorkle rubber tube(Ref: COVACSNT)
!!<<font face=Verdana size=1><p>Conductive to avoid ESD damage to sensitive components. Use COVAC 630 for all models except
office model - Tonavac 99 (COTV99), which uses the shorter hose COVAC840/99 to fit into carrying box.</p></font>>!